Tall Tales

strange news stories adapted for English language learners

Elvis & the FBI

Before You watch

The slideshow is about Elvis Presley and the FBI.

1) What does the FBI do?
a) fight fires b) fight crime c) fight wars

2. Who was Richard Nixon?
a) an American president b) an American singer c) an American footballer


True or False?

True or false? You can check your answers at the end
1. Some believe that Elvis did not die in 1977.
2. Elvis originally wanted to be a fire-fighter.
3. Elvis tried to volunteer as an FBI agent.
4. President Nixon ignored the letter.
5. Elvis did get his FBI badge.


Before You Read
1) what the letters FBI stand for
Federal Bureau of Investigations
2) what does the FBI do
b) fight crime
3. Who was Richard Nixon
a) an American president

Elvis and the FBI: Listening
1. True (see Elvis Lives!) 2. False 3. True 4. False 5. True (though this is not confirmed)