Learning Activities

Fastest Wheelchair

How much can you remember?

Try this
quiz and this crossword uses words from the story.


1. You are Ben. Write your diary entry for the day this happened

2. Complete the following phone dialogue. The motorist should try to convince the police officer that he has seen a wheelchair on the highway.

Police Officer - Traffic police. How can I help you?

Motorist - I want to report something very strange I have just seen on the freeway. A wheelchair ....

Classroom activities

1. A local TV news station is reporting what happened to the wheelchair Role play the scene in groups:

Possible roles: Ben, TV interviewer, lorry driver, driver who saw Ben in his wheelchair, policeman/woman who stopped the lorry, policeman/woman who answered call about wheelchair :

. Five things I didn't know about: American roads

Work in groups to find five new facts about lightning. At least one must
not be from the Internet - try books, encyclopaedias, dictionaries , etc.

You could think about a) the longest b) the oldest c) the widest d) the most used e) crosses the most states.

A useful website is