Cow Crime: Teacher's


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1. What is the capital of Cambodia? Phnom Penh
2. With which of these countries does Cambodia
not have a border?
a) Malaysia
1. True or false?

1. a) false b) true. c) false d) true

2. When did the accident with the cow happen?

a) not long ago ('recently')

3. b) the cow

4. b) the cow

5. c) less than 5ft ('almost')

6. c) poor lighting

7. a) they stared at them

Cows can be a problem for drivers. They surround your car. You sound your horn. They refuse to move.

This behaviour is annoying. But surely Cambodian police were wrong to arrest a cow recently. They blamed the animal for another traffic accident in Phnom Penh.

The white 5-ft tall cow was standing in the middle of a main road one night. Tragically, a 66-year-old motorcyclist crashed into it.

‘This cow has caused five accidents,’ said the police inspector, Pin Doman. ‘We’re holding him at the police station.’

Taking a cow to court doesn’t seem very fair. The real problem is that most Cambodian roads are dark at night. With lights most drivers could avoid even the biggest cow.

People are not always reasonable about cows. An English hotel once received this complaint from a couple:

'We looked out of our hotel room window,' they wrote, 'and there were cows in the field. We didn't like the way they were looking at us.'
Did this really happen?
Yes, this story appeared in many newspapers
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