Buried Cash

Hiding money is always a risky business. Burglars could steal it. Rats could eat it. Or a dog might dig it up while looking for a bone.

Even the most careful plans can go wrong. In 1969 a thief in England buried a large amount of cash from a bank robbery in his garden. His plan was to wait for a few months until police everyone forgot about the stolen money. Then he would start to spend it.

He hid money the deep under the ground. He even
wrapped the notes in plastic to protect against the weather.

Old Money

Soon after this he was arrested for another crime. The judge sent him to prison for five years. 'I don't mind,' he thought. 'I'll be a rich man when I come out.'

Sure enough the money was waiting for him when he got out. But when he tried to spend it, he got a big shock.

'You can’t pay with that,' they told him.

'Why not?'

'Because the UK has changed its currency. These notes are no longer valid.'