Wrong Number:

Here are some fun activities to help you learn new words. They are not tests!

How much did you understand?

1. Why was Tammy Banks trying to call Bubbles?

2. Was she successful in contacting him?

3. Who did Tammy happen to get through to? What was this person's occupation?

4. What did Tammy tell the person on the phone?

5. Where did the two people meet up?

6. Why did the detective Stewart begin to laugh?



Fill in the gaps in this exercise. Writing

1. Imagine you are Tammy Banks. Write a postcard to a friend describling what has happened to you. You may tell a different version of the story.

2. You are the detective who received the call from Tammy. Write a report on what happened.

Classroom activities

1. Role play the following: scenes:

a) the phone conversation between Tammy Banks and Detective Phil Stewart.

b) trial of Tammy Banks.

Possible roles: Tammy, Detective Stewart, lawyers for defence and prosecution, witnesses, Bubbles