Kitten Class


A woman travelled several thousand miles with a kitten in her handbag.

The kitten probably slept through the 2,800-mile journey from Iran to Newcastle, UK. She passed through security checks in Tehran and Amsterdam without a problem.

Customs officer at Newcastle Airport discovered the stowaway kitten while checking the woman’s luggage. Finally the cat was let out of the bag.

Activities* Pet Passengers* Pet Airways


1. Imagine you sat next to man with the monkey on the plane. Write a postcard to a friend describing what happened.

2. You are the customs officer who found the iguanas. Write a report on what happened


Classroom activities

1. Role play the following: scenes:

a) on the plane when the monkey climbs out from under the hat.

Possible roles: man with monkey, other passengers, stewards, pilot.

b) at customs when the iguanas are found in the false leg.

Possible roles: man with iguanas in false leg, other passengers, stewards, pilot.

c) at an airport security check. A woman is trying to carry a kitten through in her handbag. Noises are coming from the bag!

Possible roles: woman with kitten, security officials, other passengers.

Five things I didn't know about: Cats
Work in groups to find five new facts about cats.
Include at least one non-Internet source - try books, encyclopaedias, dictionaries etc. And watch this short slideshow
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Pet Passengers * Pet Airways

First published in Ming Pao Daily. Illustrations by MPD illustrator Iris Tsoi.