Elvis Lives?

Fans refuse to believe the King died in August 1977

Before You Read

Elvis Presley was a very famous singer. What do you know about him?

Try answering these questions as you read
Elvis Lives?
a) In which city did Elvis live?
b) What was the name of his house?
c) Who was Colonel Tom Parker?

Now check your answers in Elvis Lives? There is a worksheet with learning activities here


1. You are Elvis. Write the real story of what happened to you. Choose from the following:
You were working for the FBI against the Mafia. Describe how you went into hiding and the details of your new life.
You were kidnapped by aliens. Describe what happened and how you returned to Earth to work in a gas station.

2. You are Colonel Parker. Write the real story of your life.

The information you need is in
this text.
More role-plays on
this worksheet.

Role Play

In Elvis Lives? you can read about the many 'Elvis sightings' since his death. Imagine that you are there when this happens.

A family visiting a restaurant. One family member believes he waiter is Elvis - the others do not . Order three courses and (politely) ask the waiter questions.

You must not directly ask 'Are you Elvis Presley?'

The waiter is Elvis but does not want to either a) lie b) reveal his identity

Sample dialogue:
Family member: I remember your face from somewhere. Were you in the army?

A very long time ago. What would you like to drink?

Possible roles: Elvis/waiter, and various family members (parents, grand-parents, children etc)


Discover about how Elvis tried to join the FBI.

Five Things I didn't know about Elvis

1. Find five facts Elvis Presley from Elvis Lives?
2. Find five more things about Elvis from other sources. At least one must not be from the Internet - try books, encyclopedias, dictionaries etc.

Think about:
What was Elvis's biggest hit record? * What did you learn from
Elvis & the FBI? * Did he have any brothers or sisters? * Did he ever visit your country? * Are there any funny stories about him? *Do you the names of any of his films?

A useful website is here
CEF English language level: B2 * Worksheet Activity Answers

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Elvis & the FBI