Monkey Flies

Fun English language learning materials for students & teachers: CEF language level: B2

by Kieran McGovern

Wonderful materials for English language learners!! Ms Fann, ESL teacher, Nashville, USA


A man recently flew into the USA with a monkey under his hat.

The man and his monkey started their journey in Lima, Peru. Everything was fine until the plane was in the air. Then the monkey climbed out from under the hat. He sat quietly on the man's head for the rest of the journey.

The plane then refuelled in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Man and monkey tried to pass through a security check.

'Does this monkey have a ticket or a

'No,' said the man. 'He left his jacket at home.'


Matching Exercise
1. Imagine you sat next to man with the monkey on the plane. Write a postcard to a friend describing what happened.
2. You are the customs officer who found the monkey. Write a report on what happened.

Classroom activities
1. Role play the following: scenes:

a) on the plane when the monkey climbs out from under the hat.
Possible roles: man with monkey, other passengers, stewards, pilot.
b) at customs when the iguanas are found in the false leg.

Possible roles: man with iguanas in false leg, other passengers, stewards, pilot.
c) at an airport security check. A woman is carrying a kitten through in her handbag. Noises are coming from the bag!

Possible roles: woman with kitten, security officials, other passengers.


Five things I didn't know about: monkeys
Work in groups to find five new facts about monkeys.
Include at least one non-Internet source - try books, encyclopaedias, dictionaries etc.

Think about:
  1. how many different types?
  2. how are they similar to humans?
  3. are they dangerous?
  4. what do they eat?
  5. where in the world can you find them?

A useful website is

First published in the English language section of Ming Pao Daily. Illustrations by Iris Tsoi.