Hidden Money: Activities

Here are some fun activities to help you learn new words. They are not tests! you

Do you know the words we use in a bank? Try this
matching exercise


1. Imagine you are one of the sisters. Write your diary for one of the days you hid the money.

Describe a) withdrawing the money from the bank b) hiding the money in your shed

2. You are the police officer who found the iguanas. Write a report on what happened

Classroom activities

1. Role play the following: scenes:

a) in the bank when the sisters withdraw a very large amount of money in cash.

Possible roles: the sisters, the bank clerk, the bank manager.

b) a family meeting between the sisters and their father. Plan how you are going to hide the money.

Possible roles: the sisters, the father.

Debate this statement or motion: ' A high inheritance tax is a good way to redistribute money from the rich to the poor.'
Teachers: there are notes on how to organise a debate here

Five things I didn't know about: banks

Work in groups to find five new facts about banks. At least one must not be from the Internet - try books, encyclopedias, dictionaries etc.

Think about:

  1. what was the first modern bank?
  2. how do banks store money?
  3. famous bank robberies?
  4. can a bank run out of money?

A useful website is