Thief Regrets

CEF English language level: B1


Can you remember what happens in the story?
Try this
exercise - without looking back at the text.


This crossword uses some of the words you read in the story.


1. You are Pan. Write your diary entries for the week of the robbery.

2. Write Pan's first three messages to the thief. Explain why you need your bag back. Try not to be angry!


There have been many comments in response to this story. Here are a few:
The thief realized his mistake

People doesn't must judge.I think everybody deserves an opportunity

The thief committed a mistake but he regretted stealing her and he wanted to change.  
He needs urgent help.

Mmm I don't know. I think a person never change

What do you think? Did the thief really change? Write your comments below.

Role Play

1. The thief goes on trial for the robbery.

  • Pan is a witness for the defence (defense) - she does not want Pan to go to prison.
  • The prosecutor argues that this is thief's third robbery like this. He does not believe the thief really regrets the robbery.

The jury needs to decide a) if the thief is guilty.

The judge decides the punishment.
Should the thief go to prison? Why/Why not?

Role play the scene in groups:

Possible roles: Pan, the thief, prosecution lawyer, defence/defense lawyer, judge, jury (up to 12 members).

First published in
Ming Pao Daily. Illustrations by Iris Tsoi.