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Larry's Flying Chair

Before You Read

Look at the title. Can you guess what this story is about?


Classroom Activities

Classroom activities

1. A local TV news station is reporting at the scene where Larry's flying chair lands. Role play the scene in groups:

Possible roles: Larry, Larry's friends, TV interviewer, pilot, plane passenger, air traffic control, policeman/woman :

. Five things I didn't know about: hot air balloons
Find five new facts about hot air balloons. Include at least one non-Internet source - try books, encyclopaedias, dictionaries etc.

Think about a) the first/longest/fastest journey b) alternatives to helium c) biggest balloon fiestas.



Here are some difficult words from the story.
- gas used in balloons to make them rise
Lawn- area of cut grass in garden or park
Luggage -
bags, suitcases etc
Parachute -
used to jump safely from plane
Rifle -
long gun used for shooting from distance
Suburban/suburb - residential area away from city centre



1. You are Larry. Write your diary entry for the day you flew in your lawn chair

2. Write dialogue between a pilot and air traffic control. The pilot should try to convince air traffic control that he has seen a flying chair.


Larry was not the only lawn chair pilot. Watch a video of another flight here.


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Wonderful materials for English language learners!! Ms Fann, ESL teacher, Nashville, USA