April Fool's Day

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What is April Fool's Day?

April 1st is called April Fool's Day in the English-speaking world. It is a day people when people traditionally play jokes. There are often false stories in the newspapers and on the television and radio.

April Fish

In most countries April fool's jokes usually happen before midday. In France, for example, you have 'April Fish'. Children try to secretly pin paper fish on to each other.

Nobody knows how April fool's Day started. Perhaps it was to celebrate the start of spring.

fool - silly or stupid person?
gravity - scientific law discovered by Newton


How much did you understand?
1. When is April Fool's Day?

2. What happens on April Fool's Day?

3. What did Burger King do on April Fool's Day?

4. What was the BBC documentary about?

5. Until what time can you make April Fool's jokes in most


1. You are planning an April Fool's Joke. Make notes about

a) what your joke will be

b) what you will need to carry it out

Classroom Activities

1. Role play the following scenes:

a) The spaghetti tree documentary. A BBC film team interview Swiss 'spaghetti farmers'.
Possible roles: Interviewer, camera person, sound recordist, spaghetti farmers.

b) The press conference for Burger King to announce its new left-handed burger.
Possible roles: Company president, chef who has 'invented' left hand burger, journalists.

C) The press conference for special government announcement of coming 'gravity change'.
Possible roles: Government spokesperson, scientists explaining what will happen, journalists


  • Famous British astronomer makes a strange radio announcement.

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